• Not Forgotten
    Not Forgotten RTW Veteran Center was initiated by Veterans to help veterans. We've developed programs for returning soldiers to find shelter, food, cloths, and job opportunities.
  • Remake The World
    Remake The World The RTW Veteran Center is a group of veterans and locals committed towards remaking the world.
  • Community Garden
    Community Garden Healthy Food can expensive and gardening can be therapeutic. At the RTW Veteran Center, we've combined the two into our Urban Gardening Program. Working together with our affiliates we have been able to feed hundreds with fresh organic food.


“Feeding America’s Homeless Veterans & Others”

Chicago has over 8,000 homeless Veterans and a grateful nation never forgets its Veterans. In 2013 we served over 50,000 free meals. We currently place between 30-40 people in jobs every month through our job placement program and assist them with transportation to work.

The RTW Veteran Center was established in 2010 as an organization built by Veterans to help Veterans though we've rapidly expanded to help many more. Outside our facility you can see flags representing all the Armed Services, POW, KIA, and many more. We are a link for those who have enough to those who need help standing up. We assist in making the world a better place through:

  • Direct Programs: Computer Labs, Gardens, Food Kitchens, and Clothing Programs.
  • Indirect Programs: Getting people into the WIC, Medicaid, and drug Rehab Programs.
  • Opportunity Programs: Helping others get employment, and other opportunities.

RTW grows and expands with the efforts and dedication of those involved. How can we serve you?


Our Partners


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In the Media

RTW has been featured in the Chicago Defender, Chicago Tribune, Red Eye, and much more. For all of our team Members, your efforts have not gone unnoticed. Thank You.

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Clothing Give Away Program

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American Patriotism Program

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Veteran Housing Programs

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Computer Lab Program

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Soup Kitchen Healthy Feeding Program

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Who We Serve


Veterans Many Veterans still need help, RTW is there for them and their families.


The Youth We fight for the future of the youth with various programs.


General Public Many people need food, clothes, and shelter.